Day 3 in Kuala Lumpur: Up in the Petronas Towers

September 16, 2017

Today we spent the first half of the day filling out paperwork for my lost luggage. Not exactly how I would choose to spend half a day in such an exciting city (or anywhere else, for that matter). Daniel says we should share here our deep knowledge of the luggage tracking system, that we gained through this experience. So maybe there will be a blog post coming up on that topic. For now, I’m too frustrated to want to think about it any second longer than I have to. With this ocassion, we also gained deep knowledge of the cafe where we did all this paperwork and where we ended up having both breakfast and lunch. They didn’t kick us out, so shoutout and big thanks to them!

Kuala Lumpur seen from above, again

Today in the afternoon we went up in the Petronas Towers. On the way to the Towers, we passed through the very nice KLCC park, where lots of people were relaxing and spending time with their family on this Saturday afternoon.

The view from the Towers was nice, of course, but not that different from the view we had from the KL Tower yesterday. Plus, it was not quite as beautiful, since it was obviously missing the Petronas Towers themselves. Also, the whole experience had the downside that your enter in groups of around 15 people, and you’re always with your whole group: you’re given some time on the sky deck between the towers, then, together with the group, you’re taken to the top of one of the towers. Then, of course together with the group, you’re taken down again and forced to spend some time in the gift shop. Then, again with your group, you’re finally allowed to leave. It’s a bit frustrating, but does have the advantage that there are not too many people on top at the same time. Maybe it was this “group handling”, or maybe it was the frustration left over from the morning’s paperwork, but we didn’t enjoy this experience as much as going up the KL Tower yesterday.

When leaving the Petronas Towers, we walked directly into… you guessed it, another mall! I have to say that I am now unsure which is the biggest mall that I have ever seen… But anyway, after leaving the mall, we got another taste of KL by night. I know I mentioned it before, but I really love this city at night.

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