Food in Singapore

September 25, 2017

Yes, food in Singapore deserves its own blog post. That’s how yummy, diverse, nice to photograph and generally fantastic it is.

Local and hawker style

Hawker centers are very popular in Singapore, and I can understand why: the food there is good (sometimes very good) and cheap. It’s a very unpretentious way to eat, but you get great value for money. On our first evening in Singapore, Chris took us to a hawker center in China Town and we had dinner there.

While I probably wouldn’t have gone there on my own (or without having the Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor seal-of-approval for the place, to put my hygiene-worried self at ease), I was happy to try it out on Chris’ recommendation and I was not disappointed. I had a dish called “carrot cake” (which, unintuitively, contains no carrots and is not a cake) with soy sauce, and it was yummy. See photo below – it tasted much better than it looks on the photo :) Chris had the same and Daniel tried a ginger chicken dish, which he also liked.

We finished the evening with some locally-brewed beer, sold at one of the stalls in the hawker center. Notice on the photo that the fridge is equipped with beer taps :)

Western-Style Food

Singapore also offers a lot of options for Western-style food and we tried a few of them. One particularly fun restaurant where we ate was the Fresh Fruits Lab, where everything is lab-themed: the test tubes in which you get samples of their fruit juices, the lab glasses in which you get water, the stethoscopes lying on the tables. Oh, and the food is great too ;)

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